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Twitter Counter API

The Twitter Counter API allows you to retrieve everything Twitter Counter knows about a certain Twitter username. It uses a simple REST API, which can be called on at the following URL:

Request parameters

The following parameters are required:

  • twitter_id
    : the user's twitter id.
    A user's twitter id is NOT his username, but a number! The following won't work:
    . Use this instead:
    . See examples for more details.
  • apikey
    : the API key for Twitter Counter

The following parameters are optional:

  • output
    : can either be JSON or JSONP, default is JSON
  • callback
    : if JSON is selected as output, callback needs to be set to the Javascript method that you would like called
  • count
    : the number of days for which you would like stats returned (if available). Default (and for now maximum) is 14 days (two weeks)

Response parameters

The Twitter Counter API returns results in either JSON or JSONP (see request parameters). The following parameters are returned by the Twitter Counter API:

  • version
    : the current API version
  • username
    : Twitter username of the requested user
  • url
    : URL of the request user
  • avatar
    : avatar URL of the requested user
  • followers_current
    : current followers count of the requested user
  • date_updated
    : the latest statistics update for the requested user
  • follow_days
    : the number of days Twitter Counter has been tracking the requested user
  • started_followers
    : the number of followers when we started tracking the requested user
  • growth_since
    : the number of followers gained since we started tracking the requested user
  • average_growth
    : the average growth per day of the requested user
  • tomorrow
    : our followers prediction for tomorrow for the requested user
  • next_month
    : our followers prediction for the next month for the requested user
  • followers_yesterday
    : the number of followers for the previous day for the requested user
  • rank
    : the requested user's rank as calculated by Twitter Counter
  • followersperdate
    : a list of dates and the followers count on that date. The list is formatted like this: date{yyyy-mm-dd} : {followers_count}
  • last_update
    : a UNIX timestamp of when this record was last updated

Example usage

The following will NOT work (note the username instead of the twitter id):

Note that all requests must be GET requests.

Rate limiting

By default rate limiting is set to 100 calls per hour per user. If you need more than 100 calls per hour per user contact us explaining how many calls you need and why you need that amount of calls.

HTTP Status Codes

The following status codes are returned by the Twitter Counter API:

  • 200 OK: everything was ok, data was returned
  • 401 Unauthorized: API credentials are missing or incorrect
  • 403 Forbidden: API limit has been reached
  • 404 Not Found: the given Twitter id could not be found on Twitter Counter
  • 500 Internal Server Error: could not properly load the necessary elements from Twitter Counter
  • 503 Service Not Available: Twitter Counter is down or unavailable

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