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Key features that will help you grow

  • Mentions and Retweets

    We start recording your mentions and RT's so you can see when, how often and who interacts with you.

  • Historical Data

    See how your Twitter efforts paid off from the moment we've been tracking your followers, following and tweets.

  • Twitter Tracker

    Monitor relevant keywords and hashtags for your brand, your interests or your competitors.

  • Export Your Stats

    Complete statistics in .csv to import in Excel, Google Docs etc.

  • Compare Competitors

    Compare the followers, friends and tweets of your own Twitter account against your competitors.

  • Add More Accounts

    Add and easily switch between up to 10 different users/accounts that will have full access to all Business & Unlimited features.

  • Download PDF Reports

    Get a weekly PDF report in your inbox, which you can download at any time. Easy to print and share.

  • Custom Graphs & Reports

    Total personalization! Pick the colors you want to display graphs on your PDF reports and compare page.

Companies who trust us.

Twitter Counter is used by millions of individuals and companies.

  • Hyundai
  • TIME
  • Netflix
  • Slack
  • World Health Organization
  • Adobe
  • Redbull
  • SendGrid
  • Chevron
  • YouTube
  • Rockstar Games
  • Lenovo

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